Lighting strikes total and distance UDP tempest

done some searching but I am not sure of the exact UDP api format from a tempest station
for lightning data (last strike count and distance)
I do see this:
UDP data {“serial_number”:“ST-00007147”,“type”:“light_debug”,“hub_sn”:“HB-00016481”,“ob”:[1598472141,2863,485,0,0]}
and then full data
UDP data {“serial_number”:“ST-00007147”,“type”:“obs_st”,“hub_sn”:“HB-00016481”,“obs”:[[1598472136,4.07,8.25,11.24,263,3,1004.33,11.97,67.08,21750,1.62,181,0.000000,0,0,0,2.572,1]],“firmware_revision”:133}

I think the lightning data in the full sensor UDP data is the last 2 zeros before the 2.572 (battery voltage)?

Thanks for any help

Here’s the documentation for UDP v143: In a Tempest message, the lightning data is index 14 and 15 (i.e. the last two zeros before the 2.572). The “light_debug” message is not associated with lightning strikes. I believe that is a brightness/solar radiation debug message.

cool., thanks
looks like I do have that correct
I am going to see if I can trigger a stike with a BBQ lighter,…

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my setup :slight_smile:
(am getting false rain due to vibrations in the TV mast…but this would be I would think a relatively common type of install…I do have tuck tape around the top of the pole)