Lighting distance inconsistency



could you resize the images please, they are so big you don’t see anything until you click/open it.


over 2000 px high, seems a bit huge to me even on my 30" screen, and in preview you see just 1/3 of it in height … so without opening them you don’t see what you’re talking about (circled parts)

I do have to click on the image as its too big, in a browser, too
but that must be just a formating thing with this web page

how are you getting to the extra detail screen?
(just so I can check here with my data)

Brian, Click the little icon (screen with a circular arrow around it) at the top right of the page.

dew point is the same when comparing those two screens for me
maybe Gary had an update of RH in between checking those 2 screens?
I wondered what that icon was for!

Could easily have been that. It would have only had to go up 0.1 deg for it to be rounded up on the main screen.

my bad
there was another discussion then about the dew point not being the same
(I do not have that problem here)
in any case, my last lightning strike , then distance matches on both screens OK (this is for web site

as in exactly? (i.e what is the exact formating issue that is not the same)


I have been able to replicate the inconsistency in our development environment. We will determine the root cause and get a fix in place and included in the next build.

This issue was reported again on Android OS 5,6 & 7 on various devices. Web app showing updated lightning distance but android app tile showing previous lightning strike distance data.

@dtrauger Another report of this bug on the android app using Samsung S7 sm-g930p Android 7.0

We have been able to replicate the issue and we are actively looking into it. I will follow-up as soon as we have more information.