LED strip weather display

I got this idea from a post somewhere, I don’t remember where, (maybe here?), which I took on for a little project. It’s a weather display using an LED strip.

Going from the right to left. The circle shows the wind direction, the blue light moves around the circle to show the direction the wind is coming from. Next is the barometer, three leds are red when its low pressure, blue when high pressure, and white with everything in between. The leds get brighter going up with the barometer trend is going up and get brighter going down when the trend is going down. Next is the wind speed. Each LED is 1mph, they go up and down as the windspeed changes. There is a magenta light that holds the highest wind gust. In the middle is a lightning strike flash, the closer the strike, the larger the flash. The green light is the temperature. When the temp changes, the green light fads to a dim green so you can see the high/low range for the day which resets at midnight. Then on the very left is the rainfall indicator. The solid blue lights indicate the total rainfall for the day. The rainfall animation happens while it is actively raining, the animation gets longer when the rainfall is heavier.

Curious to hear feedback.

Maybe from here:

Yes, that was where I saw it.