Keyhole mount not included in package?

Hi. I just received my Tempest and can’t wait to put it up, but it didn’t seem to come with a flat mount. It did come with the pole mount. Did anyone else experience this? Thank you.

the flat mount comes already attached to the unit, only the pole mount is separate.

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Hi. It was not attached, just the unit with the the on/off switch showing on the bottom of it and the pole mount was in the box separately.

If you need/want the flat mount then just send support a note using the link above.

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This would be the best way to get in contact with them…

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Yep, just what I said.
Support Ticket

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Yeah I know. Just giving him the direct link as he’s only just new to this forum.

Contact support and tell them you need a keyhole mount.

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i guess it should be easy to find someone that could donate one for you (better than throwing them away). Many people only use the pole mount.


Great idea. Thank you.

I don’t expect to need/use my keyhole mounting plate (and I think I know where it is!), so PM me with your address and I’ll mail it to you.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I just checked and it won’t let me send a private message.

Blargh. I wonder if we just hijacked this thread with enough back-and-forth messages so you get promoted to be able to send PMs. :slight_smile:

Either way, I still have the plate on my desk and am happy to send it to you if/when needed.

can’t you send him a private message? or is that also disabled for people new on this forum?

Thanks for the suggestion, @sunny. I did send a PM to @hgallant1 , but didn’t get a reply. I just sent another, in case two does the trick. :slight_smile:

I checked yesterday and he has the ability to send private messages now. I sent him a message stating as such.

thanks for the help @gizmoev

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Thank you for your offer and to everyone for your assistance. I did contact them and they sent me a mount. It is already up and running.


Yay! 20 characters something something :slight_smile:

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