Just Received my Station

Hi All,

I ordered a Tempest station on Nov, 24 and today I received it. Very impressed with the company shipping speed during high season (Black Friday Week).

I took it from the box in my desk, downloaded the App, connected the HUB to the power, turned ON the Tempest and in less than 5 minutes my station was on air without a hiccup. I noticed it came with the latest FW 143 & 134 so no upgrade was required. Right now I have it in my bench until tomorrow for testing / playing purposes. The temperature seems to be matching perfectly with my Ecobee thermostat remote sensor that is around 15ft. from the Tempest (good start).

I’m a long time PeetBross Ultimeter 2100 user and I will be replacing my +10yrs. Ultimiter 2100 weather station due to some technical disadvantages. Don’t get me wrong, the Ultimeter 2100 has been rock solid connected to WeeWx.

I will be installing the Tempest tomorrow, but I have a question. Is there a way to remove the old data from the database? Since the station will run until tomorrow indoor.

Looking forward to do some interesting integration…


you can delete all data via the settings/stations/manage devices/your device/advanced adn there you have in red delete all data

and it will when you abuse that option :slight_smile:
enjoy the setting up later

Thanks @eric found it.