Just installed tempest...minimal data

I just had Tempest installed on roof. I’m on line…my router is cranking out right speed and security protocol…but the only thing I am receiving is current temp…hourly forecast…and 10 days forecast. I click on icon in upper right…gives me a blank blue page.

Did I need to pair the roof sensor with the hub before I installed it ?
Not seeing wind…pressure …etc.

Contact support…few days now…nothing.
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Tell us your weather station ID so that we can check how it looks for us.


Thank you.

Seems like there is no observation reported by your system (the REST API gives me 404 NOT FOUND when I try your station ID).

If you go next to the hub with your smartphone and open the app, the light on the hub should change from green to blue, meaning that you will be connected using Bluetooth. You should be able to find more information like this, especially go to settings -> stations -> your station -> status and check that everything is ok (WiFi ok, station online, etc).

You did part one of the install which is link the hub to your wifi network. Now you have to add the Tempest to the hub. From that moment on you will get data, not before

You’re almost done, just reread the setup and add the Tempest to the hub

Under Add Device… hub light flashes… and then I get notice…
ADD Device
No device detected.

I tried 3 times…it is looking…but I get same message. Hub light is now flashing green/blue.

I’m getting nowhere - fast.

Having the exact same problem.
Station 30974

Tempest on roof - 6ft above line. Hub is on line. Trying to add device to hub…cannot find device.

Now where do I go ?

Did you pair them before mounting the Tempest? How far away is the Tempest from the hub?

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As @jim.wn1x said, pair before mounting. You will probably need to bring the Tempest down and press the LED button on the bottom until it fast blinks green, then add the device. You may have to wait a while on the screen where it may say no device detected.

We did not . My house is a 2 story house…hub is directly under station on bottom floor.
I guess I have to take it down and pair it ?