January 2021: Tempest App Updates

Barry Kanne

Jan 13, 2021, 7:17 EST

I awoke this morning to find a revised display for my Tempest. May I suggest that you left off two important items that I hope you will restore:

  1. Wind Gust - I live in an area of heavy pine trees and wind gusts are important to us to gauge when wind conditions are potentially dangerous. These trees are tall and not very deeply rooted and will fall under gusty wind conditions. PLEASE RESTORE THIS INDICATION

  2. Battery status - Why not leave this information where it was at the bottom of the chart of readings? It is a great way to know if the Tempest unit is powered correctly or if there are any impending issues with the internal battery and/or solar cells.

Hi Barry,
I think if you look that both gust and battery are still there. In settings you can turn the show of battery on/off. Perhaps that was mistakenly disabled.
Mine was enabled and still is enabled. Wind gust is also still working. Perhaps you battery power is really, really low and the unit went into power save mode. It will sample the wind less frequently. When it samples only once every minute or even once every 5 minutes, the gust value might be the same as the normal measurement, because it did only one measurement (depending on the zoom level) I don’t know, but that is what you might be seeing. I’m running android. Don’t know how it is with ios.

Edit. Apparently there is someone else with the same problem, so it might indeed be a problem with the app.

Yes - Would also love to be able to see Max & Min temperatures at a glance.


What is the significance of the “white” vs “yellow/orange” color of the 3 second wind speed bar?

The 1 minute wind exceeds 20mph and the bar max goes to 40mph. Returns to white below 1 minute 20mph.

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the bar changes colour in function of wind gust speed, over 20 it goes yellow and red once over 40 mph

and here is a table Corrine just forwarded me



Thanks for the explanation Eric. You do realize that l now must sit and watch for the rest of the afternoon to see if it turns red! Oh, the lost productivity!!! :wink:


Is it wind gust or the 1 minute wind average speed? Looking back at examples from others, it looks like it changes with the 1 minute speed.

Since we have hardly wind these days I wasn’t able to see it in action but asked again

Corey said : it uses the wind avg for the range.


Thanks for clarifying.
And thank you for posting the white/yellow/red chart. Have only seen yellow so far but had gusts over 50mph this week.


Here’s a video showing the issue I reported in this thread a few days ago. Note the wind card on the left screen. Still very intermittent.

Hmm, that is weird, I will take a look.

forecast is also remarkably different. Clouds on the left, clear skies on the right.

I would like to see dew point on there.

Also i would the air pressure measured to the nearest one hundredths (.01) example 29.93 in of Hg

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Are there any plans for iOS 14 widgets?


Is this only for IOS?

There are gusts over 30 km/h… But my wind bar only stays white.

And it doesn’t change to a higher number. Only 30 km/h.

This is on Android 10

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the range of the bar is based on the average wind speed, not the gust

Thanks Sunny. Enough wind the comming days. :blush:

P.s. I really like the dark mode.

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I have to say I’m a big fan of “Trace” appearing when rainfall is detected but in less than measurable amounts!


Something is strange with that lightning distance, however.