IT Professional Rant (and desperate plea for help)

Wondering how many replacements it takes to get a working WeatherFlow Tempest system? I am a senior IT professional who is at wit’s end. Below is my experience to date:

Order #1 - Initial Tempest Order - Dead on Arrival (DOA). Hub won’t recognize Tempest.
Order #2 - Complete System Replacement - Works for 21 days until Tempest Sensor Failure (Temp, RH, UV)
Order #3 - Tempest Replacement - Works for 7 days until Tempest Sensor Failure (all sensors)
Order #4 - Tempest Replacement - Tempest connects to Hub… and then Hub dies minutes later.

Regarding the most recent issue… Hub shows SOLID BLUE even though it is not connected to anything. I have tried the following:

  • Soft power cycle of the Hub (unplug… wait 10 seconds… power on)
  • Hard power cycle (hold reset button until flashes)
  • Power on while holding reset button (no documentation on this, but often a factory support trick)
  • Turn bluetooth OFF on on devices
  • Delete weather station in app and try adding

No matter what … the hub goes SOLID BLUE which prevents me from doing anything else. After power cycle, I get a short SOLID RED then SOLID BLUE. After holding reset button, I get 3 or 4 green flashes then SOLID BLUE. After powering on while holding reset button, I get a long SOLID RED then SOLID BLUE. Any suggestions that don’t involve a hammer?

I am a volunteer firefighter, and purchased this for myself and my station as I live along the coast where the winds can get quite severe. I need to bring home a 12 foot roof ladder from my station every time I have to troubleshoot the device. Any help is appreciated, as I have lost all confidence in this project at this point.

Thank you community members.

I had the solid blue light and in order to solve it I relogged into the WiFi connection via the tempest app.

What can we say … very unlucky

Regarding the hub and the blue led … some other device is locked to it but whom is hard to say. The start up seems logic as the hub isn’t configured. Red since it is booting up and no wifi then going blue means some device links to it

Might be a phone, a watch (yes it happens though it shouldn’t and CS saw even a printer blocking the hub … hell knows how or why but it can).

Can you try to get away from all that has bluetooth and try to get it locked to your phone or tablet that has the app so you can start the configuring as it isn’t linked to any account I could find for you.



Disabling Bluetooth on 4 computers, 2 phones, and 1 iPad did the trick. Hub came on and stayed SOLID RED, then went SOLID BLUE when connected to app, followed by a light SOLID BLUE when trying to pair with Tempest (which had to be reset to pair). Doesn’t allow me to know who the culprit was, but again my patience had run out. :wink:

It is interesting that the Hub has the ability to lock onto another Bluetooth device that hasn’t authorized it to pair… particularly when it’s paired device (my iPhone 11 Pro) was online. :confused:

Thank you, Eric. I can now get back on the roof and resume setting up my re-engineering mounting pole that I hope to write about on here soon. I have noticed all of the issues that you assist with on here. The WP community is fortunate to have you here. Thanks again.


You’re welcome.

Why the hub ‘accepts’ non app related bluetooth connections ??? It shouldn’t on paper. I’m pushing a newer FW to the hub now it is online, it ‘might’ solve the issue though it isn’t sure. Since this happens for no real known reason, it can’t be reproduced at will … hopefully from here on it will be stable.


Thank you again, Eric. I appreciate the FW update. I just got off the roof after a 3 hour mounting upgrade (more info in a week or two). Tempest and hub are both back in service. Fingers crossed I don’t have to play Fiddler on the Roof again any time soon.