Is Tempest Better Sealed Against Small Bugs?

Odd question, I know. I bought my father a Sky/Air combo to keep at his house when they first came out. It stopped reporting a few months ago. I figured it was the battery, so I got the solar panel attachment for him, but when I tried to install it, the thing was infested with .5 mm bugs. The entire battery bay was caked with crud that they had apparently marched in. Now, having run with the solar panel installed for a couple of days, I’m still seeing no signs of life from it. I assume the bugs have killed the Sky’s insides. I’d like to get him a Tempest to replace it, but before I do, I’d like to know whether or not it’s better sealed against such things. I assume that it is since it integrates the solar panel and battery, but definitely curious if others have seen the same problem.

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