Is obs_sky broadcast over UDP used at all?

I appear to be using firmware v1.77 on my Tempest I purchased last December.

I am developing an iOS/macOS console app for Tempest, and am currently gathering data over UDP. Using my packet sniffer, I don’t see any obs_sky broadcasts whatsoever.

I appreciate the UDP reference documentation, but since it is identified as “UDP Reference” it would be helpful if it was notated to show what works and what doesn’t.

Is there anything published that would help identify non-functional UDP observations? It would save a lot of time trying to debug things that don’t exist.


They’re all functional if you have that sensor. If you have a Sky, you’ll see obs_sky. If you have an Air you’ll see obs_air. If you have a Tempest you’ll see obs_st. You’ll always see the other observations.

Ah, okay, I get it now. I just have a Tempest. I didn’t know there were other products.

Thank you!

The SKY and AIR were the first generation which were combined into one unit in the Tempest.