Is Nearcast Rain available via API?

So I’ve been happily pulling 30 minute interval rain data for my Tempest from the API and comparing it to electrical draw for a sump pump in my basement for about 18 months now.

This was all to understand how much rainfall triggers sump activity and things were going well…behaviors correlated etc.

As I started to aggregate my rainfall measurements (from 30 minute to daily) and compare those to what was in the Tempest app and NOAA, I spent about a hour really confused. Nothing added up and interval data was summing to about 40% of the app and NOAA?!?!?

Then I discovered Tempest’s Rain Check Software.

So, I already pull hourly data from NOAA based on my zip code, but I’m curious if it’s possible to pull the Nearcast adjusted data for my station from the Tempest API as well?.

Thank you.