iPhone X graph display

FYI, the y-axis labels of the historical plots in the iOS app are obstructed by the notch in the iPhone X. They can’t be read with the current layout.

think this is for @corrineb

possible to have a screenshot for her, always easier, thaks

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I could take a screenshot but it wouldn’t show the issue. The notch is removed in iOS screenshots.

In landscape (wide screen) orientation with the iPhone-X screen notch to the left, the Y-axis labels are cut off:


Temporary workaround is to turn the phone 180 degrees over (notch to the right), but I agree that the graph labels should be shifted a hair to the right to clear the iPhone-X’s unique screen notch…

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Thanks! I didn’t have another camera handy to get a picture of my phone today…

Also, in portrait orientation, the edges of the zoom buttons (- and + above) are cut off by the rounded corners of the iPhone X display. This isn’t a functional issue but it does look strange cosmetically.

thats not a bug thats a feature by notched phones…

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