iPhone app not updating?

ny An odd problem surfaced today: Data in the app on my iPhone 8 is not updating completely. From the Air sensor, the temp, pressure lightning, and battery voltage are all showing last update 13 hours ago. Similarly for the Sky: UV, rain and batter voltage are all from 13 hours ago. However, wind speed and direction are current. The Hub is showing green and all the data are current in the app on a separate iPad. I’ve tried logging out then back in on the iPhone to see if I could trigger/force and update with no success. Any thoughts? Is there a “force refresh” button or function somewhere?


More specifics: iPhone 8, iOS 11.4, WF v2.0(145). Hub, Air and Sky all have latest firmware. And further oddity: the text view (no icons) all show current data; only the blue background, icon screen is failing to update.


It looks like your Air may be offline. What is your Station number?

My station ID is 2395. However the problem is only with the iPhone app. Air, Sky and Hub are all online as evidenced by current data in the app on a separate iPad, as well as in the WeatherFlow Nodeserver on an RPI and ISY. And even on the iPhone, all data is current in the text view. Only in the card/icon view has most of the data failed to update since yesterday. Wind speed and direction is updating in the card view. My guess is that something has gotten corrupted in the app on the iPhone. I should probably just uninstall and reinstall the app on the iPhone…

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Try resetting your phone. That worked for me.

OK. Resetting the phone AND signing out then back in to the WF app did the trick. Thanks