iOS Smart Weather - Rain giving incorrect data for yesterday?

I am using the Smart Weather app version 3.40 (380) on my iPhone XS Max - iOS version 13.3

When I use the Rain widget, it is telling me that there was no rain yesterday. But the app correctly says that there was rain (0.17 inches) as verified by Rain Check. The non-Rain Check amount is 0 inches and that is what the widget is reporting for yesterday.

The precipitation yesterday was in the form of snow, so the 0.17 inches would be the water content of the snow.

So is it a bug that the widget doesn’t report the Rain Check amount for yesterday since it has been verified? It seems to me that when Rain Check is on, the widget should report the Rain Check’d total for yesterday and not the raw data. That would make it agree with what the web page and the phone app report.

Weatherflow SW Station ID: 14600
WU Station ID: KIDBOISE421

I get it that today’s precipitation amount is 0 inches because it is also in the form of snow and the water content is not yet available for today.)

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We are currently looking into the issue and will follow-up soon.


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