IOS app - can’t place Tempest lightning tab higher than Air tab

iOS and Chrome OS apps … Can’t place the Tempest lightning tab above the equivalent Air tab, no matter what I do. I can move them all around, but can’t place the Tempest tab above the other.

Anybody else with this quirk ?

I don’t have any issues on my iPad Mini 2, app version 4.05(443).


Interesting that it’s resolved itself overnight on both iOS and ChromeOS. Not sure what was up.

Problem solved for the moment.

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Well tonight, back to the problem. Can’t slide the Tempest lightning tile on top of the Air lightning tile in both the iOS and ChromeOS apps.

I’ll wait a bit before I put in a ticket until I can figure out a bit more what’s going on.

I’m not having any issue, about 4 hours after you posted. The station I have the Tempest on is the original hub with a SKY and two AIRs. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

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A screen shot will help us see the issue.

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Ok here goes.

1st photo I tried dragging Tempest lightning just above Air. It bounced back down below Air.

2nd photo i tried dragging Tempest lightning higher to above the Voltage tile. When i dropped the tile, it was replaced by the Air tile.

Strange tile behaviour. 100% consistent. Just 1 hub.

@cotedan We are taking a look. Just to confirm, it is only the Tempest Lightning card that is being stubborn? You are able to move around the other Tempest cards?

I’ve just tried again. On iOS public beta 14 (latest), Air lightning is always jumping on top of Tempest lightning. Other tiles are ok. It’s just lightning and there is no way to move Tempest on top of Air in any of the tile spots.


Thanks for the extra info. I will keep you posted.

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