iOS Android - WeatherFlow Smart Weather "Settings" Crash (version 2.5 of App)


Understand. I’m guessing a fix to one bug in Android cause an even worse bug in Apple.


You have it running on iOS?
I’m running the Android app. But @dsj wrote something about a hotfix?


I am running Android and never had this issue. My understanding from reading all the posts is it is an issue for those that run both versions to adjust the settings and that it is an Apple application issue.

P.S. I probably understand incorrectly.


Alright. Think there will be an fix shortly.
Or else with the next app update. :blush::+1:


Hi Gary - I am the original poster of the bug. As indicated in my “steps to reproduce” towards the beginning of this thread, this issue occurs when you are using the WeatherFlow apps on both Android AND iOS. The core issue is that updating the wind speed to KM/H using the Android app will cause the iOS app to crash if you attempt to access the Settings (in iOS). I have been told there is a bug in the Android app this causes this issue and it will be addressed in a future release.


Strange… I only run it on my Android phone. But I also got this issue.
Never had it running in iOS.


Your issue is different. This issue is Apple devices crash if changes are made with as Android device.


Oke Thnx Gary… I misunderstood. My fault. :blush:


No fault. I think these are a related to a bug I reported October 19, 2018. So maybe the next general release will correct both applications.


Thank you for the information. Will await it the future update.


I have these same issues as well.

Android app on Pixel XL 3 defaults back to MPH plus iPad app crashes out when accessing settings.

Android App version v2.20(52)
Android v9


We have pushed an update that should address this issue. You should be able to update shortly.


As of this morning my WeatherFlow app is crashing whenever I launch it. I will try rebooting my phone to see what is going on, but thought I’d mention it and see if this is happening to anyone else. I did have some electrical work done at my house yesterday and my hub went offline, but it came back online so I didn’t think twice about it until this morning.

Rebooting worked!



Thanks for fixing the bug Weatherflow.
Now I can see km/h again without changing back to Bft.

Once again it is beginning to get verry windy over here :wink:


Hi There,

I posted the original bug and can confirm that the latest Android update resolved the issue. The wind measurement settings now once again synchronize across devices and cross platform as well (iOS and Android).