ioBroker Adapter: Weatherflow UDP


Awaiting the delivery of my Tempest (Europe is last :cry: on delivery schedule), I created a simple Adapter for the smartHome system ioBroker.

The ioBroker system is very commonly used (in german speaking countries at least), and supports more than 350 systems/services. I do not know about the usage in the US though.

Missing a device right now, I can only test the adapter by using the example data from the API UDP reference, so it is in a very early stage. As such it is not yet available officially in the iobroker adapter collection.

The adapter receives the UDP messages and converts them into datapoints (states) that can be used within the iobroker system. It should process messages from Tempest, Sky, Air and the Hub.

If there is somebody out there, using iobroker and daring to give the adapter a try, this would be highly appreciated. Given the early state of the adapter I do not encourage to try it on an iobroker installation used for production, of course, although I do not expect bad things to happen.

Adapter on Github
Comments are welcome here or in the iobroker forum in this topic (english comments are fine).

Thank you