Interference from other 915MHz devices?

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My Sky and Air have been working well for several months, but after I installed a wireless water tank level monitor that also transmits on the 915MHz band, they keep dropping offline several times a day. If the hub was able to see them again without user-intervention, I wouldn’t mind too much, but the only way I’ve found to get them back is to power-cycle the hub. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

Begin with this: Request to add your weather station share link in your profile
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Ok, I’ve added the link to my profile. Here it is for reference:

Is your hub powered off? Your whole station is showing off line and not just the SKY and/or AIR.

No, the hub is powered on and the light is red. Even when the sky and air come back online, the hub is still listed as “offline.”

I just realized that I moved my wifi ap around the same time (still in the same room within a couple of feet). I’ll try moving that back when I get to the house later today.

When the light is red it means the hub cannot communicate with the WF servers. You may need to re-setup the Wi-Fi connection in the hub using the mobile app.

Well this is embarrassing — I shouldn’t have changed more than one variable at once. The problem was a bad DNS server address provided by the DHCP server. Most other devices will just fall back to the 2nd or 3rd alternate DNS servers, but it looks like the Hub only uses the first one.