Installing Tempest and Hub to existing WeatherFlow system

OK, stupid question from a non techie. I have an existing WeatherFlow system: (Hub/Sky/Air(outdoor)/Air(indoor). I just received my new Tempest and Hub. How do I install the new equipment and retain the previous data and Air/Air? Do I have to delete everything and start over?

I’m hoping for an option to switch hubs and keep everything intact. If that option comes then it would be easiest to just add the Tempest to your existing hub then swap hubs or vice versa. I’d also like to keep my station number.


You will need to go to the app on your phone. Go to SETTINGS (the Gear). Then select Stations at the top of the page. Select your existing Station name (for me there is only one). Select Manage Devices around the middle of the Station page. Select the PLUS (+) button on the top right and add your Tempest once you have it installed and turned ON. Once the Tempest is collecting data, then you will remove your Air and Sky units by selecting them and clicking on the Trash can in the upper right. I am assuming you will not lose any data in this process but I have yet to try it.

That is all fine when keeping the original hub. We are talking about keeping everything, adding the Tempest but replacing the hub. At this point there is no option to do so without creating a new station and basically starting over.

Thanks everyone. I think my only option is to start over. Originally, I had a Sky/Air (outdoor)/Air (indoor) as my set up. It sounds like the Air isn’t supported anymore by the new Hub and the intent is for the Tempest to replace both the Sky and the Air. Apparently there is a plan afoot to come out with an indoor monitor around the end of this year. Switching to the new (Tempest) Hub allows wireless updates to the Tempest.


Where did you get that idea? If you are starting a new station with the new hub, just delete the AIR from the old station and then pair it with the new one.

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Got that from Christina at Support:

Christina Falconer (WeatherFlow Support)

Jun 11, 2020, 4:28:26 PM EDT

Hi Nick,

Yes there are advantages to using the new Hub, it sends firmware updates directly to the Tempest. However, the Air and Sky won’t work on the new Hub. So you can add a 2nd station to your account but you would have to switch between them to look at the data. Right now your Tempest is at the most current firmware so its good, but if any new updates get sent out you will not receive it.
Hope that helps!

Kind Regards,
Christina Falconer
WeatherFlow Support

That doesn’t make sense. I’m going to try it with my field test hub. My guess is that it will work just fine.

@dsj does this make sense? If the AIR and SKY both work on the new hubs, support might need to be corrected.

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Christina is correct about the Tempest not being able to receive firmware updates when attached to the old hub, but AIR & SKY definitely work on the new Hub.

I will check in with the support team and figure out where the confusion is. We also have a procedure for merging and existing Smart Weather setup with a new Tempest. Stay tuned!


I’ll look forward to hearing your procedure to merge the existing set up with Tempest. I’m a little surprised this wasn’t part of the roll out as there are many of us who have the original Sky/Air set up.


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I kind of figured that was the case and wanted to avoid that situation. But it also sounds like the Tempest will not automatically update its firmware, so I will have to switch out the old hub for the new hub. :frowning:

The firmware in the Tempest is not likely to need an update at this point but I’m with you on wanting to keep that option open. WF did state that if the need arose where a Tempest needed a firmware update and the user had an old hub there would be a workaround of some sort.

It turns out this response was just a “brain fart” by a new CS team member and Nick was the only recipient of this false information. Christina and the rest of the CS team are aware that the AIR & SKY work on the new Hub!

Yes, we definitely dropped the ball on that. The general steps are (1) set up your Tempest as a new station, using the new Hub, then (2) merge your AIR & SKY to the new station.

You can do perform step 1 now, but step 2 is a little tricky, especially if you care about migrating your AIR & SKY data from your old station to the new one. We have a draft of that process but it is not yet confirmed to work in all cases so I’m holding back sharing it. We will review & test it this weekend and will post the full story as soon as possible (likely Monday).

If you’re already using the old Hub there’s no urgent need to switch to the new one. A firmware update is unlikely any time soon and any updates will most likely be very minor. Still, it would be better to set up your Tempest separately from your AIR & SKY, so if it’s not too much trouble, I suggest setting up your Tempest as a new station, then follow the forthcoming “merge” process as soon as we have it.


Thanks very much for the follow up. I installed the Tempest to my existing station along with outdoor and indoor Airs. I’ll switch everything over to the new Hub and just establish a new station next week after the WF Staff publishes the procedure dsj mentioned. I appreciate the help…didn’t mean to cause such a kerfuffle!


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I wouldn’t call it that. It just helped improve the whole system. WF is great at taking feedback and doing something positive with it.


I swapped out the old hub for the new one as I am “gifting” my old system to one of my kids. I didn’t really mind if I lost data in the process. That said though, it would be nice once the merge process is created that you can delete the old “station”. I did rename my old station as “Dead”.

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Are you wanting to wait until you can merge the data? If not, just go into Settings, Stations and swipe the station you want to delete to the left.

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Just following up here to let you know we didn’t get this out because we hit a snag. Still working on it - stay tuned!


Thanks for the follow up.


Any progress on this?