Installing on J-Pipe antenna mount

Just received my long awaited Tempest! Want to install it on top of the J-Pipe antenna mount that I currently have my Davis anemometer attached to on my roof. Antenna pipe is 1.66 OD however, so won’t fit the pole mount on the Tempest. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent way to mount the Tempest to this mast? Anyone else use one of these antenna mounts to mount their Tempest?

@djseal do you have any photos of the mount you’re planning? Might be easier to make suggestions if we can all see it.

Several wraps of a good quality duct tape to the desired size! It will take several.

Thanks for the ideas. I was able to pick up a short length of 1" galvanized pipe. Drilled a couple holes in it, inserted it and put a bolt through the j-pipe. Squeezed the j-pipe to give it a snug fit. Couple photos of the install below (you can also see my Davis VP2 setup in the first photo. ISS is attached to side of my third floor deck, with anemometer above the roof line).