Install hub in a metal building

I’m trying to install the hub in a large metal building with no windows. The weather sensor is outside above the roof line. The hub and weather sensor are not connecting. What can be done? It would be better if the hub also had a wired ethernet connection. I could then put the hub outside in a waterproof box and just run the Ethernet cable through the wall.

Put a Wi-Fi antenna outside your building and then put the hub in a weatherproof box.

You have two issues. Sensor to Hub…and Hub to your wifi access point.

How far is the sensor going to be from the Hub ? How far is the Hub going to be from your wifi access point ? I’d worry Hub-to-LAN distance more than sensor-to-Hub distance unless you have a lot of metal between the two.

If the problem is you need the Hub outside the building, first make sure you can power it ‘and’ that it can connect stably to your network. Then grab a Pelican case or the like to have it outside somewhere and weatherproof.

(and agree re: wired ethernet for the hub, but that’s not going to happen)

The sensor to Hub is about 30’. The Hub, if mounted outside of the building, is about 20’ from the router inside. We can power the Hub through a hole in the metal wall. I have looked at mounting a small Wi-Fi router outside, connected by an ethernet cable back to the router inside.
I don’t think that we can add an external cable or cable extension to our internal router.

put a an access point together with the hub in a waterproof plastic box outside? access point could be an old 2.4Ghz only router.

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I found an outdoor - “TP-LINK EAP110-Outdoor V3 N300 Long Range 11n 2.4G Wireless Outdoor Access Point” for $35 from Amazon. So, I can mount this outside without a box. I’ll try this first.