Indoor Temp shown in widget or tempest app tile while connected to Nest

I would love to be able to use my old tablet to not only display tempest data but an indoor temp reading that can be pulled from Nest or other smart thermostats so that I get a more complete view from a single smart console without having to check on the thermostat in another room…

I have been looking into pulling data from the Nest thermostat. My ultimate goal would be to get it to show up in WfPiConsole. It looks like the data is available, I have just not signed up as a developer yet.

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I have been able to get the Nest data into WfpiConsole. I does get complicated as I had to learn Oauth2. I don’t know how solid the program is yet. Also, I did make some modifications to the WfpiConsole code. Once I am comfortable it is solid, I can share my code minus my authorization details.

This is good news. I look forward to integrating my Nest when you release the code. Thanks!

This project was built as an add-on to the wfpiconsole that @peter has posted elsewhere in this forum. That program makes a wonderful display.

Here is the code as it sits now. I don’t have instructions on setting up the Google developer account because I stumbled through it. The instructions for that is somewhat documented on Googles sites, although it did take some digging.

This code is intended to give other developers insights into how to pull data from the nest thermostat. Making changes to will break other parts of wfpiconsole runs separate from wfpiconsole. It uses and to read the temperature and humidity, create history files for the past 24 hours. It then creates a file data.txt with the data that will be displayed in the console. The program then sleeps for 5 minutes before it loops.

The changes to will take Data.txt and place them into the display.

code to post.txt (10.0 KB)



I’m not clear as how to implement this project - within my wfpiconsole.

  • Is setting up the Google developer account - a required step?
  • Do I just create the *.py files from your code.txt file and add to my wfpiconsole folder?
  • Does the asking of these questions - confirm this is probably beyond my scope knowledge to proceed?

Thanks for your work on this, I would LOVE to have my indoor temp displayed from My Nest.

Yes, setting up the Google developer is a required step. It is the step where you request access to the Nest Data. You will be requesting the access from yourself.

Yes, the *.py files would be created in the wfpiconsole folder. The are some modifications to the file in the lib folder. Note: the original code is not my creation, and my modifications will not work with people using other indoor air sensors.

It would help to have a good knowledge of Python. I have a background in other programming languages and I struggled on some parts.

I don’t know of a way right now to make a plug and play version.

I’ll put it in the category of beyond my scope. :wink:

Thanks, I do attempt DIY projects, but need a bit more step by step instructions to follow.