Indoor temp sensor on hub

I would like indoor temp readings…
Would it be possible to add indoor sensor to the hub?

I use my old AIR to monitor my plant room.

I was told the old AIR units will not work with the Tempest /Hub units sent down here to Australia.
So We will have to wait for a new temperature sensor to be released.

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That’s too bad…did they say why the AIR units cannot work in Australia with a new hub?

There was some regulation change for the frequency allowed for the sensor to hub communication. I don’t recall which WF staff stated this, however.

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It was to do with the Radio Frequency allocations I believe.
I Ordered the Tempest back in April & was told to wait until I got it before ordering the Air.
Due to all the “Interesting Stuff” happening this year, I received the Tempest in December…then found the Air to suit it is not available.
I really want indoor/Outdoor temperature - like I had with my old 1-Wire station…!!
But - I guess 2021 is another year :grinning:

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