Indiegogo Update #21


First batch fully shipped.

Hello WeatherFlow Backers.

Delivery Update:

All backers who completed the BackerKit address confirmation survey and selected to receive the ‘AIR + WiFi hub now’ have been shipped. Hallelujah! If you are one of these backers and have not received your AIR + WiFi hub package yet, don’t panic….it’s on the way. You can view your package tracking information at

For those backers who completed the BackerKit address confirmation and selected to receive the ‘AIR + SKY + WiFi hub all together at a later date’ please see the SKY Update below.

SKY Update:

More than 100 SKY field test units have been produced. We have significantly improved the test & calibration process and the hardware is undergoing rigorous field testing. Our technical team continues to refine the firmware that controls the SKY based on data collected from real-world conditions. This is an iterative process: collect data, update firmware, repeat. We do not have a reliable expected delivery date as we simply do not know all the technical hurdles we might uncover in testing. Rest assured, we are making progress daily and will keep all backers apprised of key milestones.

Project tidbit

The WeatherFlow WiFi hub communicates with your router on the standard 2.4GHz WiFi band (not on the 5GHz band). Reason: 2.4GHz offers greater range. Plus, the hub does not require the higher bandwidth and speed that 5GHz offers at the expense of range. Make sure your router is enabled for 2.4GHz WiFi.

WeatherFlow SmartWeather Support page

And now, back to work for us. Sincerely, the WeatherFlow team

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