Indiegogo Update #15


Hello WeatherFlow backers.

Delivery update – Our amazing field testers continue to provide outstanding feedback on the AIR & hub, resulting in countless tweaks & improvements. Following some mechanical design improvements, another new batch of SKY production samples are being manufactured overseas this week and should be in our offices by Monday. Assuming they pass our rigorous QA, field testers will receive SKY units later this month and we are still on track to start shipping to other backers in late August.

SKY: rain testing and calibration in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Developer tools – It’s your data - use it. Unlike other weather stations, WeatherFlow offers a range of APIs to access and use your data. We have both a REST API and Websocket API to access your data from our secure servers. For those that desire local access (directly from your station, no internet required) we also provide a secure UDP multicast service and a Bluetooth Low Energy spec (soon to be released) to access data directly from the HUB. Details here:

This open approach to data sharing makes it infinitely possible for anyone, from the weekend hobbyist to big players like Amazon & Google, to create cool applications for your weather data (with your permission, of course). Here’s a beautiful example from Weather34.

Sonic anemometer - Curious about the update interval for wind? SKY samples the wind every second, then sends a 3 second average to the hub. The hub makes every 3 second average (speeds and direction) immediately available remotely (via web socket) and locally (via UDP multicast and BLE) so you can watch the wind change in real-time no matter where you are. These 3 second wind values are averaged and stored with your other parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) in one-minute observations that become part of your station’s long term record. These World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standard sampling strategies mean you get a more accurate representation of the nuances in the wind field.

Sample live stations - Take a peek at live data from a test station; same station on Weather Underground.

Totally in sync. - Did you know… each individual station periodically syncs up with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to ensure all data is perfectly on time across all stations.

Thanks for your continued patience and support - we truly couldn’t do it without you! - the WeatherFlow team.

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