Indiegogo Update #12


Hello WeatherFlow backers. Here’s a quick update as of January 31, 2017:

Pole mount for SKY: We engineered a new compression mount to accommodate BOTH a standard nominal “one-inch” pipe (outer diameter = 1.315 inches, or 33.40 mm) which is common at DIY stores around the world as well as a 1.25” (31.75 mm) outer diameter pole, another commonly available size, for your convenience. Remember that proper siting is critical to good data collection. For those of you keenly interested in measuring the wind, it’s ideal to mount SKY away from obstructions and at least 10ft. above any surface (like your roof) that may affect the wind flow. This Personal Weather Station guide provides siting tips for homeowners. All backers will receive a pole mount attachment with your weather station.

Production timeline: we have finalized molds/tooling for AIR & SKY, electronic (re)design & engineering is moving forward as planned, tooling for the hub component is spec’d, and we’re just a couple development sprints from final on the supporting mobile & web apps. Still many details to address, but tracking towards Field Testing in March and to start shipping to all other backers in May.

CES highlights. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held annually in Las Vegas in January, is a massive display of all the latest tech products from manufacturers big & small. WeatherFlow was lucky enough to be featured in the IndieGogo booth as pictured below.

Thanks once again for supporting us and for your continued patience. Weather geeks unite. - the WeatherFlow team.

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