Indiegogo pre-orders closed May 1


Pre-orders via Indiegogo were closed to new orders on May 1st. During the month of May 2018, our focus will be on delivering the 3000+ stations ordered and ensuring that everyone has a positive product experience. By June we hope to have inventory of weather stations in North America for direct sale via


When sales do start will there be a way to order a station for use in a different country?


yes. Should have frequency versions in-stock.

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I filled out the backer survey. Does this mean my money has been received from indigogo? Or is there going to be more confirmations coming.


From past experience, you are all set.


I just got my survey today and completed. Hopefully that means ill be seeing the station here soon! :smiley:


It might only mean you’re in the queue. I was a late investor, April 23 or 24, and received the BackerKit survey the next day. WeatherFlow won’t get my money until May 23 or 24. This way they have your information as soon as it’s time to print your mailing label.


It’s been several months since I recieved a survey 4/16. I was curious if there are any production issues or if I fell through the cracks. I think I ordered back on 11/30.


@matneytyler See various updates such as: Production update July 11

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