Indication offline status at devices data (was: RSSI shows a value but device is powered off)

While a device is offline for several days now, the App shows a good value.
It seems it is the last value before powering of but shouldn’t it vanish when the device is offline ?

I don’t believe so. I prefer it to show the last values and observation date.

It should be clear the value is no actual value maybe if offline the value should be colored or in brackets


It’s not a bug. It is that way by design. It shows the the last observation.

My vote would be to gray the card out when the data becomes “stale,” to draw attention that the data is not current for some reason…

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I agree we could do a better job of indicating “stale” data. Right now the only indication is the timestamp in the corner of the card, which appears any time the data is more than 5 minutes old.


The cards are the one side, I wasn’t realy thinking onto, I looked in the status details list. But I agree the topic could be managed more general.
Then it is not longer a bug then a feature request …

Henning, beware the auto correction :wink:

moved the topic to feature request

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I tried to do the same and adopted the title…

I’ll check it. Thanks.

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