Improving the UV "Average"

The current “UV average” seems to be over the 24 hour period of the day. Given half of a day has no sunshine, it’s a little pointless.

My thought would be to calculate a 6 hour average, +/- 3 hours from solar noon? That can be calculated as the average of sunrise and sunset of the GPS location (seems sunrise/sunset is already known when I look at my weather report).

Would be way more meaningful to know what the average UV was from say 10am to 4pm?

I agree. When it comes to UV, the average is pretty useless. even a 6 hour average +/- 3 hours from solar noon is probably useless as it only might get sunny after 15:00. What could be useful is the current value, the current max for the day, and perhaps the expected clear day max for that day and/or time of day, based on day, location and current local condition of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

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The average values may be used for many different purposes.
Depending where you live some locations have sun for 24 hours of the day during some times of the year.
If I am measuring how much damage is done by UV to my plastic components then the average amounts for the full 24 hours can be used, along with the maximum amount.
I just looked up a station which can have uv at midnight, depending on cloud conditions:
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Here is another station with non-zero UV average.