IFTTT <--> Tempest lightning log to Google Sheets


I downloaded and intergrated the IFTTT app. It is logging my Tempest Data to Google Sheets, but nothing else. I have it set up for Lightning Strikes and we had over 225 last night and nothing, and same with rain alerts, I am getting nothing. I am running the the Latest IOS and Tempest Software, any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


hello filmman586

I just fired one up for my station, data is flowing in but I have no strikes right now nor rain … all the rest seems to work for now.

yeah, logging of the data works great, but that’s it. nothing else is working and no notifications.

If I understand correct you use 3 ifttt modules ?

  • send to google sheet
  • text me when rain is detected
  • text me when lightning detected

I am, here is a screen shot…


@filmman586 Thanks for the report and an extra thanks for the screenshot of the IFTTT modules you have enabled. It’s a rainy day here so I am going to test and I will let you know what I find.

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awesome…Thanks, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to computers and I’m sure I have everything activated on my end.


@filmman586 I confirmed today that there is an issue with the Log Lightning to Google Sheets applet. We are taking a look at that one.


Thank You…I also noticed in the Logging of the High Temps this:


I think the location name field should be the location name correct?

also, I had a high of 86 yesterday and no data logging.

Correct. That should be your station’s name. We will look into the station name issue as well as the high temp not being logged.

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Thanks Corrine for the update!

Just to confirm, the issue is with the Lightning Strike trigger in IFTTT? I’ve got several IFTTT routines configured, all set up using Tempest Lightning detection for the trigger. None of them have run through a few thunderstorms even though the Tempest app reported lightning strikes.

I also seem to be unable to get the Wind Guat trigger to work.

It will trigger sometimes, but only if the Tempest app (iOS) is open.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community jrodricks,

When you don’t have the app open, is the led on the hub red or green ???

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Hi Eric, thanks.

My hub LED is green. It’s reporting everything else correctly, uploads to Wunderground correctly. It also doesn’t work correctly when the app is open. I just noticed that the two times I did have it trigger, the app was open.

“Log Tempest data to Google Sheets” on IFTTT ran correctly for me (I’ve since disabled it because it generates a lot of data.

I have two different IFTTTs running. Both are supposed to be triggered if wind gusts above 10 mph. They both exhibited the same behavior- that is to say, the two times the trigger correctly ran, it triggered both IFTTT scripts.

You can see on my station here that we’ve had steady gusts today above the 10mph trigger that I set.

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I’m, having trouble with the wind gusts too. Created an applet that logs wind gust above 10mph (for testing) and no logging to Google sheets, everything is active and no errors when I run a check.


When will these issues be resolved?

I am also having issues with triggering an applet using detect lightning strike. I’m trying to use it to blink a hue bulb every time a strike is detected. I’ve tried to get it to send me a notification as well to no avail.

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I am looking for something specific before I buy the weather station. I am also a Rachio customer and I am trying to find a way with IFTTT to turn on a schedule if 1/hour if the temperature is above 85 degrees. I thought I had it with WU but it doesn’t work how I thought. I set this trigger and then setup a schedule in Rachio that is disabled that is set to run for 3 minutes/hour ending at 8pm. It worked, but only runs once in the hour it passes 85. What I was hoping for is to run every hour if it is above 85.

This technique is used by golf courses to cool the grass in hot weather and prevent heat stress. It is normally only available on $7k+ controllers through hunter or rainbird. I was trying to get it to do this on my free controller I got through my water company.

Would love something like this that can check and trigger hourly.