IFTTT SMS lightning alert giving wrong time

We had some lightning in the area this afternoon, and the IFTTT Lightning alert functioned for the first time since I got my Weatherflow Sky and Air.

The Weatherflow Tile gave the time in the correct local time (2:30pm Mountain Standard Time zone), as did the graph.
But the IFTTT text alert said the lightning occurred at 11:30am (no time zone indicated). That would be a time zone for 3 hours west of us, which is out in the Pacific Ocean.

Would this be a fault of IFTTT or a time marker that Weatherflow sends to IFTTT?
Has anyone else seen an issue with IFTTT alerts giving the wrong time (or the wrong time zone)?

Are you able to provide a screen shot? We’re happy to look into it.

Here it’sa screenshot of the texts and one of the graph which gives the correct time. Please note that both strikes were after noon in real time.

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Thanks for the screenshots Carl

Question is asked to the devs, waiting for a reply that we will share asap.



just had word back from WF technical people that tested again on their account and it works for them. Can you please double check if you set the correct time zone in your IFTTT settings. You can find it under your profile page just under your email. WF sends basically a standard UTC timestamp to IFTTT.

Let me know if this could explain your time error and if the solution solved it.


I had no idea that IFTTT required an independent setting for Time Zone! I had assumed it took that setting right off of the phone.

For some obscure reason, IFTTT had a time zone setting of “Hawaii”, which is not where I am (but where I’d like to be during winter, that’s for sure!).

So I have changed the IFTTT to Mountain Time and hopefully that will solve the problem.

Thank you for the help even though it ended up not being about Weatherflow but about my own error.

Many things digital can be solved with this simple explanation: “Operator Error”, LOL.

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No problem, glad we (oups let’s be honest, jforare) helped you out.
BTW keep a place for me in Hawaii if I ever cross that large ocean :rowing_man:

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