IFTTT Not Notifying Me of Lightning or posting on Twitter

The IFTTT app isn’t notifying me of lightning via the app. The app also isn’t posting lightning alerts on Twitter. How can I resolve this issue? It is notifying me on the app when it rains and when winds go over the threshold of 30mph.

So basically it’s notifying me of everything else instead of lightning. Not sure why it’s not alerting me of lightning? @WFstaff @WFsupport @dsj

I wonder if it is only notifying if your station actually detected lightning and not when the WF Tempest backend determined there was lightning near your station.

Hmmm. How would I know if it’s the Tempest detecting the strike or the WF system has chimed in?

It would be nice if the graph showed the difference between station’s data and back-end data.


Looks like there’s a bug with lightning on our IFTTT channel. Thanks for reporting it - I’m converting this to a bug report and we’ll take a look shortly.


Thank you! The wind had the same issue but it just very recently started notifying me.

Just FYI…I have the IFTTT app set up to notify me when winds are gusting over 30mph. This morning, it gusted over 30mph and ifttt didn’t alert me.

Ok, here’s an update: It’s not exacdtly a bug, we simply have not added Tempest lightning strike event support to IFTTT yet (as we did for AIR lightning strikes). The only place you can see Tempest lightning data via IFTTT right now is in the “New Observation” trigger, in the form of the “Lightning Stirke Count” value (which is the number of strikes were detected in the past minute).

We will be updating our IFTTT channel, including revamping the lightning trigger (hopefully adding distance as an ingredient, among other improvements) later this year.

Thanks, Justin. That can be tricky to troubleshoot, but please open a ticket with support and someone will help try to track it down. Send as much info as you can, including screenshots or logfiles from IFTTT.


Will do! Thank you sir.

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Any ETA when the Lightning trigger may be delivered for IFTTT?

No ETA yet. Thanks for your patience!