IfThisThanThat App Question


I am using IFTT to log data to Google sheets. It logs every one minute. Can this time be changed and if so, does anyone know how to do it. I was thinking like maybe every 30 minutes. The app i am using is the one Tempest recommended. Thanks, Bill

Hi @mrwilliamfarrell ,

Your title will hide your question. Your question relates to google sheets because that is where it can be done. The way I would do that is by using a script in the google sheets application. And you would need to include some formulas to combine the period that you wish to remove for the results to be accurate. I would write the script to run every 30 minutes or whatever period you like, to read and calculate the values and then paste those combined readings onto a new sheet. Then delete the rows from the first sheet because otherwise it will reach the 2000 row limit. I did document some formulas to convert the google sheet values, and a search in this forum will find those. I found problems using ifttt to google sheets and no longer use that method. I have resorted to getting my data from the API. You can download the data in csv format from the API which solves all the ifttt google sheets issues.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thank you Ian. Hope you are well down under! Unfortunately you are talking way above my level. I can manage to sort a list in Excel but that’s about it. When you are talking about the API, what are you referring to? Is it something I can access?


api is open to all but you need some coding skills.

Maybe look into some third party scripts maybe ??