[IF] Disable hue motion detector if gust over x for x

New to all of this but have many ‘early adopter’ type things working. Looking for a solution to a motion light (hue flood on hue outdoor motion detector) that is triggering due to swaying branches in high wind.

Wondering if there is a way to hook up an auto trigger to IFTTT to say if wind goes over x disable hue motion detector for say 3 hours, then turn it back on.

Anyone ever seen a topic or discussion on how to write or go about this? I have some coding experience but very little time and looking for a quick primer to see if I could do this or if someone has already walked down this path and it already exists.

I know if it rains you can turn off your sprinklers, this is like that.

Thanks for any consideration or reply.

Interesting idea. Yes, IFTTT already has Weatherflow and Hue. There is an applet that will notify you if windspeed hits a threshold, so you should be able to do similar where it tells HUE to take an action.