Ideas for tempest

Ideas: It would be neat to include (or sell separately) a ceiling indicator, also include (or sell separately) a visibility indicator, also, maybe upgrade/update the software to include a rainfall/snowfall accumulation forecast! Also, have an in app update, so that that the temperature shows up on the task bar on top of my phone!

Hi jevon murphy,

Welcome to the community.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. And perfect, you managed to vote for your idea as well. :+1:

As the ideas are quite different, it would be nice, it you open a feature request for each of them. I know if you would like to vote to each you’ll need more votes :wink: , sorry.
Maybe, as a compromise, and for a first step, you could restructure (edit) your post and put each idea in a separate line and tell a little more details. Thank you.