Ideal battery percentage for tempest

Hello, just wanted to know what’s the ideal battery percentage for the tempest to be fully functional. My maintains at 2.80 volts here in Lakeworth FL.

Thx, Adrian



I think you will find all answers reading this little help page

Talks about charge levels and power saving modes …

Hi Eric, I’d assume 2.80 is more then fine in SFL. I’ll check out that article.

Thx again!

2.8V is max. when the sun is giving all it has :slight_smile:
It’s “resting” voltage is near 2.6V. As long you hoover around 2.6V you’re good.

as a point of reference, here’s my tempest’s voltage after two full days and most of a night with no sun. last sun was the 11th. voltage is down to 2.47V and its still working fine.

Hello, yea mine hovers at 2.80 throughout the day and at night drops to 2.60. I made sure the station was in a good location for max sunlight.

Here (Atlanta) in December with filtered sun through hardwood trees to my South… 2.80 is not obtainable unless we have full sun for 2 weeks or so.

Recently after a week of cloudy weather… mine dropped to 2.40… after 2 full days of sun, this morning it is at 2.46. Not a great increase but at least going in the right direction.

As the sun gets higher in later winter and spring… it will start to hit 2.80. In the late summer, Sept/Oct… it will really drop due to the leaves being still on the trees and lower sun angle… down to 2.40 or lower.

Not real happy that it does not “respond” to indirect light to keep things charged. i.e. Sunny days in Sept/Oct and it will not charge even though the sky light is bright.