I deleted my tempest...I think

I think I deleted it. I added the apk to my kindle and was in settings and I deleted a “device.” Now I can’t access the tempest through the web, but oddly the native app works on my iPhone. But when I click on the “curly cloud” there is no info and I get a message to add a new device. Any idea if I can add it remotely or do I need to be where the tempest is? I’ve had it for a week and love it, but there’s no manual, and I’m frustrated. I don’t even know what that curly cloud icon means.

Indeed you only have a hub connected to your account and it shows online (station ID 20761)

You’ll have to get the Tempest close enough it can communicate with your phone (bluetooth range)
And then add it (maybe you’ll have to restart it to get it in pair mode but to see once you have it in range)

Thanks for the reply. I’m not at the location so I was hoping to do it remotely. So how am I still receiving the data on my iPhone?

I guess the forecast page … most probably taking info nearest possible by lack of station data.

Does the Tempest communicate via Bluetooth with the phone or the Hub?

I thought that to set it up it was Phone <-Bluetooth-> Hub <- sub-GHz telemetry radios -> Tempest.

After it is setup Internet <-WiFi-> Hub <- sub-GHz telemetry radios -> Tempest.

That is correct. @eric is using “Tempest” in its more comprehensive meaning of Tempest hardware system since @jeff2 is not at the location of his station.