I can host a 3 day time series of your data

I can host a 3 day time series of your data as shown in the image below on my website snowalarm.com. Depending upon the response, I may have to limit the number of stations I can accept, but wanted to throw it out there to see if there is interest.

It includes a display of the current temperature, relative humidity, wind and wind gust, the 3 day time series of the above, with rainfall accumulated for each 24 hour period starting at 7 am, and a 3 day summary of the hi/lo temperature and max wind/wind gust and time of occurrence.

Include your city, state and station_id if you are interested, as well as the device_id of either your tempest sensor or both your air and sky sensors.

Thank you!
Station 20626
Device 69551

Your station is now on the https://snowalarm.com website! You can find it in the ‘Want other local weather’ pulldown in the Current Weather Panel in the upper left of the home page or the red View local weather pulldown in the Local Temperatures, Winds & Precipitation expandable section. Let me know if you find any issues.

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Thank you
Salisbury NC USA 28146
station id 25813
device id 14494

Hi Brian,

Just letting you know your station is now on , and is near the bottom of the ‘Want other local weather’ pulldownn menu.

Note that the device_id you specified is actually the serial number of the tempest device. In case you ever need it, the device_id is 83520