[HW] Indoor Temp and Humidity

I’d love for my Tempest WiFi base station to have an indoor thermometer and hygrometer… with those two simple additions, you would be able to monitor conditions both inside and outside and double the utility of the weather station.

Simple hardware addition doubles the usefulness of the unit!

I have never before had a Weather Station that did not have an indoor sensor - can’t understand why one has not been made available.


This is a great accessory. My Ambiant weather station has one and also an indoor console.

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It would be great to have the ability to add an indoor sensor to the hub for indoor temp and humidity. The competition has the edge here…

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Way back when, there was the fabled breathe module


Of course, a dedicated indoor display would be ideal, as it would not only be more convenient than always having to bring up the app, but it would report the indoor conditions at the location of the display, rather than the location of the hub (which might be located in a more remote location).

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a dedicated indoor display also might not be at the location you want to see the indoor temperature. So a separate indoor sensor would be more appropriate.
Personally I would already be happy with a sensor inside the hub. (but actually I don’t need one, because I happen to have an extra Air unit (with broken pressure sensor) which tells me the indoor values.

In my case, my hub is upstairs in a room where my wi-fi router is located, a room which is not used a lot and is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, whereas my indoor display would be in my front hall, centrally located. There is nothing to say that you couldn’t have multiple sensors, though, which might actually be a good idea.


Those of us with Smart thermostats, like Ecobee or Nest have our own temperature and humidity sensors for inside the home. In fact I have those Ecobee sensors all over in different rooms measuring that. The data is there. All someone has to do is tie the systems together.

I reached out to Customer Service this week to request exactly this without realizing this thread existed. I have a guitar closet that I need to monitor humidity and temperature in remotely, and would LOVE weatherflow to provide me that product. I have tried several products on the market, all of which I have had remote connectivity issues with which rendered the devices useless to me. Never have I had connectivity issues from my Tempest aside from internet outages, which obviously can’t be controlled.

I feel this would be a great opportunity to generate revenue from those of us who already have a tempest. Obviously it would need to compatible with the hub we already have, and alert notifications via the app for high and low parameters would be a must. You guys already have all the technology necessary, you merely need a package to put it in. I would purchase multiple sensors. Down the road, having a display on the sensors would be a nice option as well, so you don’t have to pull out your phone when you are in a room walking past.


Not WF gear but any cheapo Acurite indoor/outdoor sensor with a small indoor display can do this for under 20 bucks or so. Picking a random Amazon listing as an example - (link)

If you want remotely, an ecowitt gw1000 gateway connected to your wifi will do this for 30 bucks but you’d need a phone app or Home Assistant or weewx etc. to cook up a quickie display. Or a sensor on a breadboard connected to a pi or arduino. Not a lot of work to do at all.

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