Humidity not maxing out?

Hello, I’m looking for help concerning my recent tempest 45352 it’s only been up about 2 weeks and so far I had 4 times seeing it reach 99% humidity but fails to go that one percent more to 100%. So I’m wondering if it will do so eventually, or is it somehow not receiving that last 1% to reach 100 maybe a adjustment needs to be looked at or I’m I jumping the gun on this? Thankyou

humidity sensors are less accurate above 95%, so no I wouldn’t expect 100%. It should only happen when you are inside a cloud anyway (a.k.a fog).

well here is the thing, this is my third tempest and my first one and now my second one I’m using about 6ft. Apart from each other have and now still do go to 100% almost every time humidity is high, so this latest one is the only one I haven’t seen achieve 100% I do get what your telling me I just wanted to make sure this new one was capable. Thanks

last time I had 100% was a few days in December 2020

ok, well I’m going to just go with the hope it can achieve the max if conditions call for it unless I’m sure it should read 100% and it keeps hitting 99 instead , then I could always contact support to see what’s up. Thanks always

Hi @palmhead5 ,
It took several months for my Tempest humidity to read 100% and it now does, without contacting support. It gradually improved itself.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: