Humidity Malfunction-Stuck on 99%

Hoping someone in the group has encountered and hopefully solved the same problem. Batteries in my Air Sensor died today, and I replaced them with fresh out of the package Energizers. Temp and Pressure are reading OK and communicating with the hub. But the Humidity is stuck at 99%. We had fog this morning, and that reading was correct at that time. Now the indoor humidity (where I’m working with the sensor) is 23%. I “Delete All Data” hoping it would reboot and solve the problem, but no joy. Is there another solution I can try? Does the sensor need replacing? Appreciate your help…and stay healthy!

something weird indeed there

can you once more open the battery compartiment, wait about 10 seconds and close it. This will reboot the device once more and it should come back up.
Once done let me know and I’ll have another look in the details I can see.
For now some details are unusual and maybe a reboot will clear it out

Hello, Eric. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I opened the battery compartment, waited more than 10 seconds. Closed the battery door and the green LED came on solid for a few seconds. Still showing 99% on my grid. Including a link to my station in the Signature line (I often use this to let folks know what’s happening here).

Greg Carroll

What it’s like here

that didn’t solve it.
As you deleted data I also see that humidity calibration is gone … let’s run it till tomorrow and see if anything kicks in.
Will ping techs to have a closer look tomorrow. This seems not ok (might be related to upgrade of FW to 119 though I can’t see why)

Sorry for this. It will be fixed somehow next week.

PS : what you might to also is bring the air inside, put it in an oven with with like 50°C (+/- 120F) for an hour. This should bring down humidity (and eventually dry out the little Goretex membrane) if ok set it out again and see what happens.

Thanks. See you tomorrow!


Well…just took the sensor outside, and it looks as if it may have come back to life. I’ll let it sit today and check again in the morning. Stay tuned.

Greg Carroll

What it’s like here


I am in dense fog here on Long Island. Relative humidity 99%. Surrounding airport stations like islip and jfk have 100%. All nearby weatherflow stations at 99%. Thy need to calibrate weatherflow to go to 100%. I even looked back at 5 weatherflow stations including mine. Nobody ever hit 100% . I find it hard to believe. I don’t the weatherflow stations can go to 100%

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