Humidity hitting a cap every night

Can anyone shed some light as to what’s going on with my Tempest? For the first week I had it, humidity readings seemed right on compared to another monitor I had outside to test it. Then, in weeks 2 and 3, at night, the humidity would raise, but cap out at 87%, and hold steady at 87% for all hours of the night. I contacted support and they said a calibration was applied which “explains the updated data” (though it doesn’t, to me) and asked how my unit was sited (10 feet from the ground, about 25-30 from some fields & trees), and said it will “pick up ambient moisture from ground vegetation, nearby trees”, etc. Fine. But that doesn’t explain why it’s stuck at 87% over night. Now, I’ve noticed just in the last few days, it gets stuck at 84% overnight. So I emailed support again but haven’t heard back. Can anyone explain what’s going on here and why? I totally get that it will pick up moisture from nearby trees and such, but shouldn’t that just make it hut 100% sooner and for longer? Not cap it out at 84% for hours on end?

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The only time I would expect a flat line is when it is at 100%. Something clearly isn’t right. @eric are you able to see anything behind the scenes?

This smells like a calibration going wrong. Just asked the technicians to look at it.

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Thanks! I’ll keep watching to see if it changes. Appreciate it!!

Edit: Hey, you guys fixed it for me! Awesome! Thanks so much!


My Tempest seems to be doing the same thing. It used to get to 100% RH, but now seems to max out at 87% starting 6/19/2020.