Humidity/dew point

My humidity/dew point readings have been «frozen» since the 10th. Is there any calibration failure or is it something wrong with the unit itself? Everything else seems to be ok.



something stuck, no clue why but I just kicked your hub a few firmwares and it will eventually go 1 more

Also calibration was not correctly applied, that might take a few more hours but hopefully most will be ok by tonight

Sorry it happened

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Thanks for your quick response.
It’s started to rain now recently but the sensor is not responding. Is this something related to the calibration/updates also?

not calibration nope. Something else that I’m looking into with technicians

but I also see your Tempest is limit reception with Rssi -79 db. Is it possible to move the hub a bit or turn it so that rssi value gets a bit better ?

Regarding : it should be better later today. There was a little modification done to improve. Hope it helps.

Moved the hub slightly, get around 66.
At least it’s something :slight_smile:

66 is perfect :vulcan_salute:t2: