Humidity calibration corrections

The air is placed in my backyard.
It’s in a instrument shelter. But I have another sensor that reads 80%.


This is the Air its shelter.

Wind enough at that spot.
I will place it beside the other RV sensor later this day and see what it does.
Will let you know @dsj

Thank you for the reply.

Have the Air in front of the house. It’s cold and windy outside. It gets full blown wind at that spot. Humidity is stuck at 93%

It’s about 10 to 15% higher than surrounding stations and official KNMI stations.

Think this tolerance is a little bit to high.

What is below the Air and how high off the ground is it placed?

There are bricks below the Air in my backyard.
Had it in front of the house on a bin. Much wind in front of the house. In the backyard it’s also breezy. So it should get a good reading.
My other sensor gives 79%
The Air is 1.5 meter above the ground.

Sensor above also 1.5 meter. But the Air is placed in a instrument shelter.
Even outside of it, it still reads way to high values.

Sounds like you’ve got a faulty sensor. Please contact if you haven’t already.

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Thank you @dsj
Will do that.
Great service and support. :blush::+1:

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My humidity too a nose dive yesterday, was sitting at 85 % then gradually over 12 hours dropped to 1%. before recovering. My station is is 2403

Same again today , for 4 hours it was showing 0%

0 is hardly possible, send a mail to
you might need to be a little patient since it is X-mas period. But they will come back to you asap

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I have the same problem here in Germany. Air showed always humidity around 80-90%, so I placed it in my daughter’s room where I have a second humidity sensor. While this sensor showed around 58%, Air says it’s around 88%.
Furthermore I got alerts about rain in my daughter’s room :wink:

I already sent a support mail and will see if we can solve the issue.

Why did you put the Sky in her room?

Because we moved to a new house and I have the Air and Sky in her room till the weather outside is better so I can place both at the right location :wink:

You received a rain alert because of vibration. It is very sensitive.

Yes, that makes sense because it’s placed on a shelf! Thanks for the explanation. I think humidity is simply a sensor problem.

I agree. You should send an email to about the humidity.

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You have to wait a few hours so it can level, no sure how long you placed the Air in her room. But WF will come back to you quickly and see with you what happens, what is your station number ? Don’t forget to mention it in the mail so they can find you station quickly

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Put it in her room just a few days ago. At first I thought it just takes a while but then it dropped just about 10% and then stopped.

Thanks for the reminder with the serial number…forgot it in my first mail

Detailed information is very helpful but WeatherFlow will be able to find you with your station ID or email.

I have a similar but much more extreme issue with one of two Air units. Even though one is labeled “Indoor” it actually set to outdoor. As photo shows, I mounted both side-by-side to run accurate comparison after I started noticing that my regular outdoor unit was reading extremely low during rain and heavy fog events. Raining this morning and the two units disagree by 45% to 50%. The faulty unit seems to have some sort of threshold and when that is exceeded, all the readings are significantly suppressed until humidity drops back down and then it seems to work well.

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most probably a sensor going wacko

time to contact support, they’l have a look at your raw data and tell you what to do or …

support via the website :

support via mail :