Hubs storage ability

I live where there is no Internet service available except for a small time wireless provider. With all the people staying home , working from home , and schooling from home my service went from 20-25 meg to .05-1.5 meg (overloaded) so they did some upgrades on the tower yesterday and they did not turn me back on . I had to call this morning. :disappointed:

I was down from 4pm yesterday to about 8:30 am today ,the hub stored all the data for the 12.5hrs and back filled my charts I thought that was pretty cool. :+1:


@dsj Is this correct?

@fishrman, my understanding, from previous topics/posts, is that the hub only stores up to 2.5 hours. Can you check you data.
Unless the latest firmware magically increases the store.

Edit - just thought is this the new tempest configuration - if so grand improvement. Worth buying just for that :slight_smile:

This was a post from David back in 2018:


@peter, The penny has dropped. I was getting confused with when it loses power and and cant communicate with Air/Sky. Me Bad.



Gonna get to test my storage out some more massive storm on 8th no internet access besides phone broken power poles and trees down all over town my wireless provider has power outage on multiple locations So might be a 4-5 day test anyway

Hub offline almost 48 hrs and looks like it all backfilled I would prefer not to be the one who test out the 8 days offline.
Those phones are a pain in the A@@ to surf internet on (Bad eyes and Fat fingers) and I am not going to root my phone for WIFI hub . Pixel 3 xl , but on Tracfone carrier won’t allow