Hub won't connect after second person created account

I got my station two days ago and got it set up quite easily with the app on my phone. Because there are several of us here on our farm who want to access the weather data, receive alerts, etc. my daughter attempted to set up the app on her phone. Apparently it took her through the setup process again. As a result, when I am signed in I am seeing no data. Signed in as her, I can see old data. But the hub is offline and I cannot get it to reconnect to wifi as either of us. I’ve rebooted it, the router, and I’ve done the reset at the back of the hub but it still refuses to connect. Station id is? was? 25492 though, now when I go to the bookmark I made originally I am seeing 25408 - ?? Help, please! I submitted a ticket as well. Also, how are other family members able to have access via an app in any way? Thank.

My suggestion, delete the station from all accounts, set it up using one account, make it a public station and let the others view the data via the web interface, which looks almost the same as the app.

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Thanks. That’s my move of last resort. I’m a little disappointed though only one of us is able to get phone notifications from the unit. We may be working in very different parts of the property and it would be nice to get lightening alerts, etc. Is there some way that other family members are able to get those notifications that I am missing?

Alternate solution: The work-around is to use your credentials or the owner’s credentials to sign-in into the app on everyone’s smartphone that way everyone receives alerts.

Yes, we thought of that, too but as a couple IT professionals, that sort of creeped us out! But I suspect that is going to be the only solution. It would be nice if this kind of functionality might be considered in the future. Thanks!

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Perhaps they can get notifications via ifttt.

Interesting idea. Will look into it. Thanks.

I’m a IT pro too. This solution initially bothered me. However, the Tempest app is not requesting sensitive info like DOB, SSN, etc. My recommendation is to create a password that is used just for the Tempest app and not for any other website/app to secure it from hacking.

Isn’t the IFTT permissions linked to the owner’s Tempest app account. I don’t recall IFTT works with the public Tempest Weather Station profile.

Yep - I think that will be the solution.

If that’s the case with IFTT, then not much difference than a “group” log in - yes?

Not sure I understand the question…There are 2 parts with the IFTT app - you need to create an IFTT account and then link that account with the owner’s Tempest account.

What I’m saying is that it sounds like IFTT would still require shared credential.

Yes…You are correct. You may want to consider a new group email address (i.e. to be the owner account for the Tempest. It’s a work-around to having a group account.

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Sure, the input is, but I don’t know if the output needs to be.

So, I was able to get the hub connected using my daughter’s account but things are still off (not publicly available, it seems) and I don’t want to leave it like this. Dumb question… Going into the app, I see no way of deleting the device. Any advice appreciated.

Figured out the need to be Bluetooth connected and deleted, reset with my own account and everything is back online. (Glad I didn’t have a lot of data to lose, though!) Thank you sunny and ICWX for your help and suggestions.

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Please go and vote for this topic then: [App] Guest / read-only access for the app