Hub WiFi connection error 1024. A possible cause

I have had no major issues with WiFi stability until recently when my hub lost connection. Any and all attempts to reconnect resulted in failure with error code 1024. Hub was reset, router rebooted, moved hub closer etc. No success.

  • It seems that the hub can only connect to a certain range of 2.4 GHz WiFi bands

After hours of troubleshooting I looked at the detailed router settings and saw that there had been a change due to local congestion to band 13. The hub apparently could not use this frequency range. Manually changing to band 1 immediately fixed the issue. I’m sharing this for people who may have their router set to band autoselect & as a result may inexplicably lose hub connection without the ability reconnect.

Hope this is useful.

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Interesting discovery. @dsj, is it true that the hub can’t use band 13? If so, it might be good to make a change to the hub. How many others have has issues because of this?

I manually switched back to band 13. At first data continued to stream, but after about 10 minutes this ceased and the hub reported as offline. This does then seem to support an issue with band range.

Band 13 isn’t licensed for use the the U.S.


Good point. That would explain the issue for some users in the UK. It would possibly be a comparatively rare connection problem when a router looks for a less congested band and happens to decide on 13 which the hub isn’t designed to use.

this was discussed in the past
I don’t think Weatherflow (@rderr ?) changed something or place a software limit

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Ah, sorry I missed that thread in my haste to post how I had got it back online. I wonder if the updated code to scan higher channels didn’t make it into the firmware that my hub is running (rev. 143) ?

Hi folks. Overdue for an update so here it is: The code to support the additional WiFi channels is in v143. Better than that, it’s all driven by a single country code that can be set at the factory. However, we can’t yet set it over the air but that feature will be implemented before we start fulfilling Tempest systems to Europe. And it will be backward-compatible with existing Hubs so we’ll be able to update those as well. Thanks for your patience with this issue!