Hub uptime (or Hub itself) appears to randomly reset

I received my station about a week ago. I have been struggling to figure out why the Hub appears to go “out” every so often (anywhere from 6 to 24 hours) after I power cycle it. When I say the Hub “goes out”, it is not reachable by WiFi and the status LED on the back goes completely out. I also see that Hub uptime that is reported in status never seems to go over an hour or so - then when I think to check it again, it is down to usually a few minutes. Hub firmware is rev 72, which I don’t see listed on the release notes for Hub firmware. Has anyone heard of this happening?

my unit arrived with firmware 72 and later updated to 91 a couple/few days later…

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Good to know. I’ve had it about a week and that hasn’t happened- but maybe because it keeps resetting itself, that hasn’t allowed the update to occur…



Uptime resets everytime the Hub reboots



I had assumed that, but thanks for confirming.


weird that it does not update, it should …

does the hub have open access to the internet ? Some cases were reported where it ‘refused’ and some were able to solve it to use their phone as relay to internet for a few hours till it upgraded (connect to the hub via the app, blue led goes on, and your phone being open to the internet. The hub will continu it’s work via your phone instead the wifi)

Hopefully it’ll upgrade within a few hours …

Else contact WF direct so they can have a look under the hood and help you

support via the website

support via

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Yes, it does have access to the Internet as my station can be reached by “outsiders” and the information updates. I contacted WF support, and they are sending out a new hub. Thanks to all for the feedback/support.