Hub Timestamp Setting HUB Time

Looking at my UDP data coming from my ‘Tempest’ Hub and my ‘Sky/Air’ Hub… I am seeing the live data with a timestamp that is 10 seconds apart comparing the SKY and TEMPEST rapid_wind packet… So that begs the question…

How… or is the Hub even doing it… is the Hub time set? Does it regularly query a time server and correct itself?


ANYONE have any insight?
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And… noticing that the timestamps returned are not near realtime. They actually are about 2 minutes off from my GPS time, PC time, Phone time…

Reboot both Hubs at the same time and then check the timestamps. I remember David discussing this but don’t remember what he wrote.

I’m trying to search for it.

Reboot = power cycle?

The Hub checks multiple NTP servers every 4 hours. And there is a backup time sync mechanism via the Tempest cloud that we added in case the NTP servers are unreachable for some reason.

Rebooting will force the time check that normally happens every 4 hours.

Ok, but… how do we know if it is working or not? Is there any way to tell that a sync was attemtped?
Also, do the original SKY/AIR Hubs have this as well?

Reboot both Hubs and check the timestamp against the NIST time servers.


there’s no easy way to tell if it’s working or not.

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