Hub stopped connecting to router, android app now crashes on startup (Solved)

Hi to all,

My weather flow station has been working fine until today. The hub lost communication with my wifi router displaying a red light. This has happended a couple of times, but cleared to a green light when I rebooted the hub. Today after rebooting the hub just displays a red light. When I went to check the status on my android app, it reported the app had stopped as soon as I opened it. I’ve uninstalled the app twice, re-installed then entered my login details and it immediately crashes! Thinking it was my phone, I installed the app on my works phone (never installed the app before) and this crashes on startup as well! During this time i’ve tried several reboots of the hub - it just glows red. The hub is situated about 6 feet from the wifi router, and has been working fine for several weeks. I’ve even tried to reset the hub by inserting a paperclip into the reset switch - after 5 seconds I get a flashing green light for about 2 seconds then immediately it goes back to a red light.
Can anyone help me with this issue - is there anything else I can try, or is the hub faulty?



already, what phone ? Android or iPhone … not the same world :wink:

as you reset the hub, you’ll have to fix the phone problem first as you’ll need it to pair it again with your wifi.

Any tablet around by any chance ?

Hi, Ian,

You certainly have a unique issue. As Eric asked, please give us all the details on your phone and WeatherFlow application version.


Hi there, thanks for the quick reply.

My normal phone I use is an Samsung S7 Edge android device. I used this to orignally set up the hub and sensors. After the app started crashing I installed the app on another android device - a Samsung S8. I don’t have access to another tablet, nor an iPhone/iPad. The version of the app is the current android version in the Google Play store - The app doesn’t stay open long enough to find out what the version number is!

did you reboot the tel once you uninstalled the app and before re installing it ? Sometimes it helps to clear remaining code hanging around in memory.

I’m not an Android guru so I let others help you.


I have had similar issues with the application. Please uninstall the application, reboot your phone and install the application. If it still crashes, let us know. Thank you.

I’ve just done what you’ve said - on both the S7 and the S8 android phones. In both cases when I first run the app, it asks if I want to set up a new account, or to logon to an existing one. When I put in my login details and enter, it almost immediately crashes reporting that the app has stopped!

Now that’s something new.

Contact and reference this thread.

@WFmarketing @dsj

Ok will do. I’ll try to borrow my friends iPad to see if I can access the hub with an Apple device instead of my two android phones. I’m a bit suspicious of the hub as I thought resetting it causes the light to flash green until it is configured. On my hub, it only flashes green a couple of times then goes red.


Are you able to log into your account via the web page?

Yes I can do that still.

Have exactly the same problem this afternoon. Galaxy S8, up to date. Rebooted, app reinstalled - problem recurs. web ok

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My Android app started to crash today as well. No problems before. OnePlus 5T Android 8.1

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This is getting interesting. Did you guys pay homage to the Pink Bunny? :slight_smile:

This is very much like the issue @walter.w.casey is having as described here:

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Having similar issues today on my Galaxy S8 phone. I also have an iPhone and the app is still functioning normally.

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On your S8 when did you last get an Android update? I’m wondering if a security update or an application update my be causing the issue

But that would not cause the Hub to fail. :thinking:

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My app crashing today as well - moto 4gs

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Since the latest Android update yesterday, the app keeps contantly crashing…

Android 8.0.0
Kernel 3.18.91

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I do know that android api level 26 is being rolled out for August
and there are some changes in that
maybe some breaking changes

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Please see this post.